Water damage in your home is an emergency that needs to be addressed right away. There are quite a few options available to you when it comes to cleanup and restoration after flooding, and choosing the right one is important. Making the wrong decision here could mean the difference between having your home back to normal very quickly, and struggling with the restoration for weeks, or even months, to come. The following are some of the most common options people have available, and why it is better to choose us for all your professional water damage cleanup and restoration needs in NYC and Manhattan.

Cleaning it Up Yourself

Many people are tempted to deal with water damage on their own, especially if the flooding isn’t widespread in their home. While it is no big deal to cleanup a glass of spilled water, or even something a little bigger, once the amount of water goes beyond a gallon or so, you want to bring in the professionals. Larger amounts of water will often seep through carpets, down through flooring, and into the basement. This means that the bulk of the water that is seen is really just the beginning. When we come to your home, we’ll quickly remove the water from the floor, and check out anywhere else it may have gone. With more than 30 years of experience in this industry, we’ll have no trouble finding and removing all the water so your home is safe.

Of course, for large scale water damage, we offer many important advantages over doing it yourself. First, we’ll have the industrial equipment needed to quickly get all the water removed. Next, we can perform all the restoration tasks such as repairing drywall, preventing mold formation, and more. Our emergency response teams can also be out there almost immediately, so you don’t have to interrupt your normal schedule to get the service you need.

Getting Help from Friends & Family

When in times of need many people turn to friends and family to help. While this is a great option for many situations, water damage cleanup and restoration isn’t one of them. Even if you have a friend with a wet-dry vac that can suck out water, it likely won’t be sufficient for even moderate flooding. Our team will come with not only the powerful vacuum systems to suck out almost all the water, but also dehumidifiers and other items to ensure the entire area is dry.

Hiring A General Contractor

Hiring a general contractor can be a good way to get some of the things repaired after a flood, but they typically don’t have the focused experience to deal with the many different issues that water damage can cause. Properly removing water not only where it is easily visible, but also from behind walls, under carpets, and anywhere else it may be is something we specialize in. We’re also certified in mold removal and prevention, which most contractors are not.

Always Work with the Best

If you have any type of water damage in your home, please take advantage of our emergency services. We will work with you to get everything cleaned up and restored as quickly as possible. You simply won’t find a better or faster way to get your home fixed up and looking like it should again anywhere in NYC or Manhattan. Give us a call at (212) 389-1926 with any questions, or to have our emergency response teams (available 24/7) come out and get to work right away.