Here at Emergency Water Damage Restoration NYC we offer a variety of services to help get your home back in proper working order after a disaster or other event. While we are best known for our water damage cleanup and restoration services, we also help people who have been the victims of a fire, or those who have a mold issue. With more than thirty years of experience serving the people of NYC and Manhattan, our rapid response teams can help you with any of our great services right away so there is no delay in getting everything fixed.

Emergency Flood Cleanup

Home flooding can happen because of a weather event, a broken pipe, overflowing toilets or sinks, sewer backups, and many other issues. No matter where the water is coming from, we can help get it out of your home and dry out the entire area. Anything that is damaged or destroyed will be properly repaired or replaced by our team of cleanup professionals. We can come out any time of the day or night to deal with these types of emergencies so the impacted area doesn’t expand, and the level of damage doesn’t grow because the water was left to sit.

Emergency Fire Cleanup

A fire can be devastating to your home, but in most cases the heroic fire fighters will be able to put it out before it spreads too far. Even a quickly contained fire, however, will result in some serious problems. After the fire has been put out, call our emergency team to come in and begin the cleanup process. We’ll remove any burned items, get rid of the excess water used to put the fire out, deal with any smoke damage that is present, and restore your home to the way it was before the first occurred.

Certified Mold Removal & Prevention

Mold can start growing in your home in any dark area without any notice. This is a big problem after flooding as well as fires, but the mold really can form for seemingly no reason at all. Whether you have confirmed the presence of mold in your home, or you just want to check to see if it is there and prevent it from growing, we are here for you. We are a certified commercial and residential mold inspector and remediator so you can be confident we will identify any signs of mold and get rid of it right away. If we’re coming to your home for a fire or flood cleanup, we’ll also look for any risk signals of mold and treat those areas so you never have to deal with this dangerous problem.

We’re Here for You 24/7

Dealing with any type of flood, fire, or mold related issues can be very difficult, but these issues can be made much worse by either ignoring them or letting an untrained individual try to handle the cleanup process. If you live in NYC, Manhattan, or the surrounding area, our team is here and ready to take care of the entire cleanup and restoration process. To get answers to your questions, or to have one of our emergency response teams come out, please give us a call at (212) 389-1926.