If you are experiencing flooding or other types of water damage you want to make sure to get it cleaned up and fixed as soon as possible. The longer water remains in your home, the worse the damage is going to be, and the more difficult (and expensive) it will be to complete the cleanup and restoration process. Here at Emergency Water Damage Restoration NYC we specialize in rapid responses to all types of water damage problems in New York.

Always Available for You

As an emergency water damage restoration company, we know the importance of a rapid response. This is why we are available 24/7/365 to come out and deal with any type of damage that you may have incurred. We have a 30-minute response time when you call, which means your home can have the water removed and the cleanup process started far more quickly than is available with other companies. In many cases, we can get the water removed and the entire area dried out quickly enough to minimize any type of damage to your home. This can help to save you lots of money, and prevent problems down the road.

Experienced & Certified Professionals

We’ve been in business for more than 30 years helping the people of NYC and Manhattan with all their water damage restoration needs. This experience helps to ensure we know how to best cleanup any type of water damage that your home may have experienced. Whether it is fresh clean water from a broken pipe, dirty water from a flood, or even very dirty water from a sewage backup, we’ll get it removed quickly and the area cleaned up and repaired so it is just like it never happened.

In addition to being very experienced in this area, we also hold a variety of industry certifications that show we really know how to best deal with water damage problems. This includes lead-free certifications from the EPA, and certifications related to mold cleanup and prevention. Mold is a big problem when it comes to water cleanup because the excess moisture in an area makes for an ideal growing environment for many types of dangerous mold. Even if you don’t see it at first, it could be present behind walls, in ceilings, under carpets, and more. When we come out to perform a water damage cleanup, we’ll identify any areas where it is growing, or will potentially form, and remove or treat the areas to keep your home safe.

Guaranteed Work

We guarantee all the work we do so you will be satisfied with the results. If anything doesn’t go properly, we’ll redo it and make sure you rea happy before we are done. In the unlikely event that something breaks or doesn’t work right after we’ve completed the job, don’t worry. Our work is always guaranteed so it just takes a phone call to have us come back out and get everything repaired correctly.

Here for All Your Water Cleanup Needs

If you have experienced any type of flooding or other water damage, please give us a call as soon as possible. We are available day and night to take your call so there is no need to wait for traditional business hours. Our number is (212) 389-1926 and we’re ready to help you right away.